Lissa, rogue

Lissa smiles up at Sedryn. "Thank you, Sedryn." Aeroz receives an exasperated look as the party starts climbing down. "Oh yeah, all drow are evil, just like all elves are paragons of virtue and all half-orcs are unthinking brutes?" Lissa snorts expressively. "Really, Aeroz. Take a look at your current company. I traveled with a half-orc for a long time, and I learned a lot about generalizations from her. She was a bloody good warrior, and more honest than a lot of 'civilized' folk I've met. Bit rough around the edges, sure, but a good person to have on your side all the same." She pauses, gauging a tricky jump, then continues once she's on the next ledge. "The detect evil spell is a useful thing. If the drow comes up evil, I'll happily shoot him. But until we know for sure, it's just plain foolish to throw away a potential ally."