Linda follows the group, quite relieved at having escaped the Formians. She probably is more relieved at having escaped a confrontation than having escape a gruesome fate.
Not being the swift and silent type, she tries to stay at the back of the group so as not to alert anyone to their presence but when the discussion about wether to kill the drow begins, she steps forth:

Wanton killing is only murder Thokk. Even if you do kill an evil being, it is always an evil act. Try to kill only when other methods of resolving the problem would be impossible. I for one would welcome a guide out of this place-and I'd would like to heal this man just to hear his story. If his words do not suffice after we've done so you can do whatever you want with him but I will not have a part in killing a helpless man nor will I allow one to be slain without a fair chance of explaining himself.
Now, I posess some healing magic. I can go heal him if you sneaky types search out for traps around him.