"My plan is to defend those incapable of defending themselves and to help those in need," Sedryn replies. "If this offends you, dwarf, it is no concern of mine."

Lissa and Fizahn scramble down to the stone altar with quick, surefooted leaps. Aeroz follows with his rapier drawn.

The lizardman stays where he is, overlooking the entire cavern from his vantage point. Achkby stands on one of the middle platforms, scanning the area defensively as well. Seeing this, Elthan I readies his crossbow and also takes up a tactical position on one of the high terraces.

The others slowly make their way down the ledges toward the central area. Lumpy, in particular, finds the footing treacherous.

The drow continues to lie still, eyes closed as if he is unaware of his surroundings. His lips move silently. On visual inspection, the manacles and chains binding him to the rock appear to be conventional. Black stains on the rock testify to the fact that the altar has been used previously and often.

The three rogues stand back from the altar as Sedryn casts detect evil. Sedryn closes his eyes, murmuring a prayer to Lathander, then opens his eyes ...


Sedryn clutches his temples and collapses to the ground, writhing in agony. "So ... much ... evil ... So ... close ..." he gasps.