Lissa, rogue

"Sedryn!", Lissa exclaims. "Oh no! Are you all right? Stupid question, Lissa, he just screamed in pain, of course he's not all right. Um, just hang in there and we'll get out of here as soon as we can, okay?" With a concerned look and a pat on the cleric's armored shoulder (now that he's on the ground, she can actually reach his shoulder for once), Lissa gets out her own set of lockpicks and goes to help Fizahn with the manacles. "Yeah, you're right, Fizahn. This accursed altar is probably soaked in evil." She wrinkles her nose at the bloodstains, nimble fingers still working at a lock. "Not to mention other things. Yecch. This place reeks."

(OOC: Assist Fizahn with the search and open lock checks.)