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    Update 17/18 (because I accidentally counted the OP as an update when it isn't )

    [Peter Raven]

    Found a distant relative of the Blackdust tribe who is a seidkona (shaman/ witch/ fatespinner). Took Melody to meet her.

    [Seidkona Gersemi]

    Agreed to take Melody as an apprentice. Is teaching her spinning and weaving. Was hired by Magtok to examine his fate threads and undo any manipulation done by Cal, and is using the opportunity to teach Melody.

    [Happy Chelonie Amakirr]

    After a Magtok made snowstorm, went to see him and guilt trip him into calling it off.

    [The Mainframe]

    Hasn't done much lately, other than speaking to Cierra.

    [Sunny and Charity]

    Charity eventually recovered from her magic overload in the Weald and was able to start drawing again. Has discovered that it was not a one time fluke when she made a drawing of a flower come to life, but her un-enhanced powers are significantly weaker than they were when she used the void material. The flower feels as if it's made of paper and looks like a 3D sketch.

    After a little advice to Misaki, she took her on a shopping trip to Mag-Mart and while there, picked up a remote control truck and some legos for her sister.

    Sunny spent some time watching the Terminator movies with Brendan, but between her robot fixation and the fact that she skipped past any scene that made her uncomfortable, she found them both very sad since they ended up destroying the Terminators and stopping more from being made.

    Later, when playing with her monster truck, she accidentally destroyed some onion plants. When Quinn told her it was time to take the synthetic memory potion, she was so excited that she left the truck behind. Vidalia smashed it to bits and sent the motor to Hell.

    The potion seemed to have no ill effects, and Sunny recovered a few memories before getting dizzy and falling asleep. It seems that either the synthetic potion is not as effective as the original, or that the time lapse since the de-sapience effect occurred is an issue, because it is only a partial recovery of memories and knowledge.


    Helped someone break into PEACE. Chased a duck into the GLoG Rose Garden. Comforted Butler and assured him that she liked Adam.


    In her new role as The Grandmother or Lady Death, has given her follower Michalson the power to lay undead to rest.
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