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It was a pain that no mortal could possibly have bared, and yet she remained awake throughout the entire experience. As her screams grew ever louder and refused to stop, she dropped to her hands and knees, staring into the ground and simply trying to keep her focus from the pain. No matter what she tried to focus on, however, she could feel nothing else. Soon, her screams and pleading for help seemed to slowly fade away, as if it was becoming more and more distant. She could still feel herself gasping for air, but no longer could she hear anything. A brief moment later, everything faded to black and she seemed to leave her mortal body behind.

What have I done...

However, her body was still there. The fluid seemed to retreat from her form, flowing down her arms and to the ground below, where it dissipated shortly after. Once it had all flowed away, she pulled herself back to her feet with heavy breathing now replacing the screams from just a moment ago.

As she returned to standing up straight, her new form seemed to unravel before Harubo. Her dark hair had somehow grown a considerable distance down her back and she now bore a large, blood-red rose hairpin to the left side of her forehead. The modern clothes she had been wearing had apparently vanished and had now transformed into a pale green furisode kimono which stretched down to cover her now bare feet. A red and pink floral pattern ran along the bottom of the dress and the sleeves and a wide red sash kept the outfit in place, ending in a large bow on her back. Her beautiful visage was the final piece which completed the image of perfection. Finally, her breathing slowed and eventually returned to normal before she opened her hypnotic eyes and looked upon the universe for the first time as an Olympian.

Miharu was no more.
Harubo chuckled, softly, at first, but it soon evolved it full on maleovent laughter as the transformation occured, her form writhing, and morphing her flesh into something new, and to Harubo, something exciting. His chitin tingling as the shadow wrapped her in fell, revealing Aphrodite, a rarity among Olympians. The only one who has become noticeably beautiful among them. Nukari turned into a furry, Cronus... Well he didn't count. Hades face was rejected by reality. Yet here, was a work of art. This one would need to be marked down in all honesty.

He then looked down on her, still managing to do this despite her having stood, his powerful height still looming over her, as he spoke.

"Welcome to your home child. What is your name?"