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Very nice reminds me of my ye oldy days o comic making

Firstly: You should make the panel sizes bigger because you cant really make out the images well
Second: i know you havent but make sure not to use any of the giants jokes because youll get alot of s##t for that.
Third: Well its great alot better than my comic
First: I know, I was considering on enlarging the boxes since I was running out of room for dialog.
Second: I know about that too. *I* read the rules before making this thread.
Third: Thanks for that comment. But what your doing is harder because you have a gazillion characters in it.

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Or my hat, Oddjob style.

Actually Silverraptor, do you know why I'm Blackbird? I said so a while ago on the first page of the English art thread.
Ya I know why. I just couldn't think of a funny way to explain it.