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Thread: Would you undo the world?

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    That's also quite ironic, as my drive for preventing suffering and therefore preventing the creation of the univerise are only driven by a care for the well being of others.
    That's it, no cosmic powers for you.

    I have suffered. I was born into poverty, and I have lived in poverty. It was a western poverty, but it was still poverty. I have had pain, raw physcial pain. I have felt fear, panic. I have felt the deep weight of loneliness. I have felt rejection from several sources. I have felt loss and mourning.
    And yet.
    And yet, I have seen beauty. I have been loved, and loved in return. I have felt the exhilaration of accomplishment, the joy of creation. I have felt comfort, contentment, and adoring bliss. I have felt the camaraderie of team work and the satisfaction of a job well done. I have faced fears and come out into sunlight.
    Have I had a happy life, on the whole? So far, no. But you wish to take from me, not only those times of uncertainty and doubt, but also all that which has made it wonderful. If I and the universe had never existed, I never would have seen the play of a brass sunset over rippling lake waters from underneath. A simple thing, yet of captivating wonder, that touched my young soul and said 'This is beauty'.
    Don't take my sunset.
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