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    Default Fears 3: Full Circle - Game Started at Post 88

    Fears 3: Full Circle

    Narrator: Cristo Meyers
    Co-Narrator: Shadowcaller

    Events have finally come back to the beginning in Haven. The Master has returned from his defeat at the hands of his former apprentice Sacha stronger than ever and the banishing of the Night has only served to turn the entirety of Haven into a new level of Hell. With each passing day the Master grows stronger, inching ever closer to his unknown goal. If he is to be stopped, it has to be now.

    Creatures that were once limited to the Night now have free reign in Haven. Night brings chaos and death while day reveals blood soaked roadways and bodies in the streets. Forces are converging on the Pegasus Manor now, in one last attempt to halt the slaughter. Specialists at combating supernatural threats: the S.E.U. have been called in to find and neutralize the danger by any means necessary.

    Quite possibly the on person that understands what is going on, a young woman fights the constant attempts of the Manor to assume control over her so that she can hopefully bring down the Master before it is too late.

    But it won't be easy, the Master knows that this is the last chance anyone has at stopping him and has called everyone into his domain, the Pegasus Manor, once more. Trapped inside, his minions can pick off the ones that oppose him one by one.

    It ends as it began, trapped in the darkened halls of the Pegasus Manor...


    Tayler Soyer, the Master (Alpha)
    The former Master of the Manor has returned, and his power has grown. The Master may select one player per night. That player may not use any night abilites that night (as if they were voided) nor may they vote in the next day phase. The affected player may post as normal once the night phase and day phase have passed. Due to the increase in his powers, the Master can no longer hide beneath his masks, he scries as Master/alpha.

    Falcon (Devil)
    Yet another Fear that has regained some semblance of consciousness. Falcon waits and watches, she is an extra set of eyes and ears for her Master, even though she still feels the bonds of loyalty to the former master, Sacha. Falcon scries one player per night to learn their role. Scries as Falcon/Devil.

    Fears (wolves)
    Corrupted spirits trapped in the Manor. Some have been there so long that they are little more than slavering beasts, while others have managed to retain the intelligence and mind of their former selves. Scries as Fear/wolf


    Gabrielle Sena (seer)
    Sacha's apparent destruction has severed the bonds that held Gabrielle to the Manor. Unfortunately, she is still not human, but rather essentially still a Fear and thus the Master is slowly reasserting dominance over her. Her supernatural senses and nature allow her insight into the minds of others. Once per night she may scry one player to learn their role. Scries as Gabrielle/Seer

    SEU Team (Masons)
    It was only a matter of time before the elite were called in. Now that the bubble surrounding the Manor is gone, the SEU team can do what they do best: investigating and ending paranormal and supernatural threats. They start the game knowing who the other members of the team are. Scries as SEU/Mason.

    Aaron Marsh (Meddler)
    There's no room for fence-sitting anymore, and Aaron's been around long enough to realize it. He's thrown in with the side that's less likely to kill him on sight. No longer just a simple illusionist, Aaron has the capability to interfere with the abilities of the numerous scouts and spies of the Master. Once per night he can select one player, if the Devil, Falcon, scries that player the result will come back with an Interference result. Or, the player Aaron selected will be protected from the Master's ability. Aaron only selects one player and one ability per night. Scries as Marsh/Meddler.

    Snyder (fool)
    This player will be told they are the seer. Synder is a madman. Somehow he survived the Night, but what happened during that time left him broken and deranged. He can see the Fears for what they are, but to him everyone appears strange and abnormal. Once per night he may scry a player, but will receive a random result save for the seer, who will always scry as the fool. Scries as Snyder/Fool.

    SEU Medic (baner)
    Nothing ever goes as planned, does it? The insertion into the Manor went perfectly smooth...right up until everything went dark. There was shooting, shouting, footsteps running, and you were separated from the team. Hopefully you'll be able to reunite with the rest of the SEU team before things get worse... Once per night you may choose a player to protect from night kills. Scries as SEU Medic/baner

    Victim (villager)
    One of the unfortunate souls drawn into the Manor with everyone else. Scries as Victim/villager.


    Like it or not, people have to sleep. Every night, each player will choose where in the Manor they are going to bed down for the night. Room capacity will depend on the total number of players. The rooms are:

    The Basement
    The Main Room
    The Garden
    The Kitchen
    The Master Bedroom
    The Servant's Quarters

    There can be consequences to where you choose to sleep. However, they will not be revealed in-game.

    Extra rules:

    Days are 48 hours, nights 24.

    Autolynch happens after missing 2 consequtive voting days.

    Helgraf's Scry Interference rule is in affect.

    Word of Caution: there is a distinct possibility in this game that the dead might not be completely out of the game. Sharing roles, information, etc with a recently killed player might not be wise...

    Conversely, the dead still can't speak. No confering with living players (via game thread, PM, etc).

    The game has begun on page 3, post 88.

    Player List (9):

    {table=head]Player|Killed On|Role
    Aemoh|Night 4|Victim
    Andre Fairchilde|Day 5|Victim
    banjo1985|Night 5|Victim
    banthesun|Night 14|Victim
    Coplantor|Day 9|Falcon
    DD the Cookiemonster|Day 1|Victim
    Dirk Kris|Night 12|Victim
    Dr. Bath|Night 1|SEU
    EnrgeticPenguin|Day 3|Victim
    evnafets|Night 2|Victim
    Fin|Day 5|Victim
    Fleeing Coward|Day 2|Fear
    FujinAkari|Day 14|Fear
    happyturtle|Day 4|Fear
    Harley|Day 13|Victim
    Helgraf|Night 7|Victim
    Hyozo|Night 3|Victim
    Irbis|Day 7|Victim
    Jontom Xire|Day 3|Victim
    Lex-Kat|Day 12|Victim
    Mordokai|Day 11|Fear
    Murska|Night 6|Victim
    Oddity|Night 9|Gabrielle
    Opeth Freak|Day 8|Victim
    Reinholdt|Night 11|Snyder
    Sanity702|Night 15|Victim
    smellie_hippie|Night 13|SEU
    SweetLikeLemons||SEU Medic
    TheBookworm|Day 4|Victim
    ThePhantom|Day 13|Victim
    Trixie|Day 6|Fear
    Uncle Festy|Day 15|Master
    Vampiric|Day 4|Victim
    Zar Peter||
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