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    Update 19


    Went back to work at her Magternship. Doesn't realize she was being used as bait so Magtok could start a war with GLoG. Is currently drugged and being held by fellow Magtern Miss Kale.


    After hearing that Jack and Layla Moseley sold Misaki into slavery, she joined the rescue mission. Once Inside, she ran across an ISF patrol and reported the crime to them, as well as providing sketches of Jack and Layla. Is so far unaware that this led to Jack's execution.


    After Czernov's suicide, decided that she could no longer shirk responsibility for the organization she helped found and is running for president.


    Is still tutoring Melody, as well as providing employment for the amnesiac Alexi, now known as Charles Patrick.

    Peter Raven

    Got sucked into plot via a time space anomaly over his own grave.


    Is murdering ducks at the WATCHTOWER site. Butler is busy living happily ever after in hell, and she pops in to see him occasionally off screen. At least, she thinks that's true. What, do you want to be the one to tell her?

    Dr Ferris Fitzhenry

    Is busy exploring Acro, which he believes is Mars.
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