Destro: Hmmm. I like it. I'm not really as much of a predator as I make myself out to be, but, damn, I really like it when I'm portrayed that way.
Although, I could never see Rein like that =P
Helgraf: In the long periods between your ships, I miss you something terribly. Its always exciting to see something new posted from you, and I am never, ever disappointed.
You have a way of writing women that makes them seem to be so much more than just women. And this really isn't the first time I've noticed it, but really the first time I've ever had any kind of words to describe it.
You idolize women in your writing, no matter who it is you choose to write about. To be featured in one is to be subjected to the greatest compliment of one's femininity there is.
On to this specific ship, its much more..simple than your normally complex style. Still, as elegant as ever, but the piece doesn't seem to twist and writhe on the screen.
In that manner, it also flows pleasingly.
I hope Kara continues to inspire you, if we receive such ships.

Condensation Reaction
Hell Puppi/Thufir
She sat alone in the diner, forgetting the long minutes that passed into the young hours of early morning. Coffee (with two creamers and three packets of Equal, because it dissolved faster than sugar) growing frigid, though she still sipped from the old, cracked mag from time to time. Coffee was chased with Sprite, because the caffeine left a bitter taste in her mouth, accompanied by a gritty feeling on the teeth.
The waitress, a young girl working her way through art school, paused by her table with a tired grin, refilling what needed to be filled dutifully.
Hell Puppi was grateful for the small breaks from her labyrinthine mine, but it hardly lasted.
Almost mindlessly, she began to trace designs in the condensation from the glass of the soda, mesmerized by the pattern of the faux wood of the booth tabletop.
It wasn't meant to be anything cohesive, let alone something so clear and defined.
A name.
His name.
Defeated, she sank back against the vinyl booth and sighed.