I'm back... Never ride the Romanian railway!!! EVER. Our train left on time and then had a 50 minute delay arriving in Bucharest .. we traveled 255 Km in 6 FREAKIN` Hours... that's got to be a record... anyway I'm back and I'm armed with a week's worth of intricate plots and ideas for some new NPCs and their relationship to the characters. Also I intend to work on the due comic tomorrow after work and each subsequent day until at least I am satisfied with the number of comics out.

Last but by no means least: Tenshiro casts `wall of text`; and the aura of overwhelming awesome combined with the fact that I have not slept in 30`something hours will make me read it tomorrow... I can't wait to devour the masterpiece in all it's huge size and will post a reply soon.

In other news i shall now post the saga on the main page...

See you tomorrow guys and gals