Yes, we`ve reached the third of the legendary hundred. The fact that we`re still trying should be proof enough that we will not get the obstacles of real life get us down.
As ideas, plot-lines, catchphrases and cliff-hangers all whoosh within our heads we soon come to the conclusion that we`re gonna need a lot of writing and drawing to do so they can catch up with the storyline that`s in our heads.
Stick around, lads and lasses, for we promise to give our best in the work of an original storyline, original character background and yes, we will try to give them, in a world that has seen it all, an original character evolution.
And even though we now seem to post with the speed of raging snail trying to catch up to an athletic turtle... erm... hmmm, well I guess that all I can say about that is that we`re working on it and that it`s the good things that are worth waiting.
Tenshiro out!

I`ll probably post when we have #34.