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    wink Hmmm...

    ``I don't really like what you did with the first post.``

    ``Beyond Wonderland is my favorite font [...] (And you sort of overused it)``
    I like it quite a lot and the over-using comes from the excitement of getting my hands on it.

    ``[...] it seems a little too dark [...] makes you expect something grim or edgy``
    Do I actually strike you people as a non-dark character? And the new awesome-looking panel is sort of grim and edgy. Two new (dark and grim I might add) characters are introduced and as you could see from their first panels they`ll be quite the `stiff` competition for our regular cast.

    Hacktor allowed me to go wild and free (and that just means go nuts! ) when writing the Lore pieces and if you couldn`t tell from the first one, their general atmosphere (at least the first four) is going to be quite dark-ish.

    We`re also planning add the new layout to all of the previous strips. We`re planning to do this in our spare time, bear with us, it may take a while.

    As a sidenote: I`ll be away from civilization tomorrow (and very sadly quite possibly the day after... Sorry dude, it`s past midnight, didn`t want to wake you up). If I have a phone signal, it`s all going to be cool but from what I`ve heard, there`s a slim chance. Also, no signal means no internet for me.
    I shall return Monday the latest, Saturday morning the earliest and fret not 5-reader-loyal-fanbase, I shall bombard the forum with the heralding of my return.
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