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    Name: Isamaru Myojin (Family Name, Given Name)

    Position: Assistant Captain, 10th Division

    Credit to my Aunt KimCredit to grubblybubbly
    Appearance: Myojin is 5ft 10in, 160lbs, bald, mid-forties looking, and buff. His eyes were once blue, but are now shrouded, melding with his pupil to create a white eye with a sky blue dot where the iris and pupil should be. As far as anybody can tell, he never blinks. He wears the standard shinigami uniform, with the change of all white to sage green. Under that, he wears a short sleeved sage green shirt, black pants, and steel-toed black leather combat boots. He also wears an hat like this one here, pulled down over his eyes. The weave in the hat allows him to see through.

    Reiatsu:Dark Olive Green

    Zanpakuto Name(s): Tatsumasa and Umezawa

    Sealed form: An ōdachi, about 5 ft long, 1 ft being handle. The handle and about a third of the blade is black and inscribed with 'Umezawa' the rest is silver and is inscribed with 'Tatsumasa'. As spirits, Umezawa appears as a young woman with short black hair wearing fencing clothing, holding the helmet. She always stands next to Tatsumasa, and old man with long silver hair, wearing a shogun's uniform. He has a scar across his face, running from his left cheekbone to his right temple.

    Personality: Myojin is very calm and collected, except when giving orders. Then he sounds like the generic gruff drill sergeant. He is formal to a fault, until told to be otherwise by a CO. Extremely loyal, smiles a lot, believes he can tell what peoples personalities are like with his unique vision.

    Gaitou to Tanken(Cloak and Dagger) Break!: Tatsumasa and Umezawa glow bright white and split in two, bending and forming a pair of hook swords, like these, one is silver, the other black.

    Saishuu Bushido (Ultimate Bushido): Myojin throws Tatsumasa and Umezawa into the air, and crosses his arms on his chest. Tatsumasa and Umezawa whirl about ten feet above him as pieces of jade green samurai armor fly out of nowhere and attach to Myojin. When he is completely covered in jade armor, Tatsumasa and Umezawa fall, Umezawa on his back in the form of a short Yari, Tatsumasa he catches in the form of Kanabō.

    Special Abilities:
    Hinin to Iuwana (Denial Trap): Myojin forms multiple walls of his Reiatsu, slamming them into his opponent or preventing them from going somewhere. They can either be transparent jade, clear, or solid white in color. These walls can be broken, but only by powerful attacks. These walls will be square, about 2 inches thick, and the maximum size is about 20 by 20 ft. The walls can be any shape no bigger in any aspect than a solid 10 by 10ft room. These walls sprout out of Myojin's hands and can be moved by him as he sees fit.
    Hako (The Box): Myojin creates a cube of the same walls as Denial Trap, with several differences. Friends and allies of Myojin, as well as himself, can enter and exit the cube willingly. This can only form a cube, and the maximum size is about 40 by 40 ft. This can only be used once per day, and is normally used to contain battles, as an arena, or some such thing. These walls cannot be broken, but the seams where they are put together can.(As in you have to pull the walls apart where they meet)
    Meian (Light and Dark): Myojin attaches Tatsumasa and Umezawa together at the hooks, and spins them around himself in a complicated pattern, throwing a blade of energy with every swing. Followed through, this will produce about 30 diamond-sharp energy blades that slice into whatever they're directed at. (Only used in Shikai)

    Other info: Myojin is an ex-samurai(due to death only), and was once on the shogunate. This makes him about 728 years old. He has spent many years speaking with other military leaders from different time periods and places, learning sandskrit, english, russain, and mongolian. Myojin is also blind. He sees people by their reiatsu, which to him forms the shape of their body and clothing. Myojin uses part of his reiatsu to coat the inorganic surfaces around him in order to walk without tripping or running into walls. However, without the coating, Myojin is able to see other people's reiatsu through several walls. His theme song is this.

    More information will be added as I think of it.
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