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Thread: Shards of Siberys - An Eberron webcomic

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    I have some good news. I have remade strips 1,2,3,4 all day today. And I have #35 almost done. Tomorrow morning I'll upload the remake's and will finish 35 because right now I don't have the energy to deal with photobucket...

    Hope you like them, I asked Tenshiro to change the text a little (okay a lot...) so even if you've read them it's worth checking them out again.

    I did this because first of all I wanted to see how Tenshiro would have made them (I found his approach funny). And because they are the first thing a new reader sees when he whats to read the comic.

    Good night and see you in (at most) 10hours with 1 through 4.
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