I made the fat/phat thing on purpose since Dummies will be Dummies.

And Lizzie is holding a Swear Jar.

I finally started writing the real piece of Lore II at about 19:15. I had been gathering ideas for quite a while now. I finished at about 00:50 and damnit, my eyes are burning. It`s 8 pages long on the default Vista Office Word (no trademark, feel free to sue me Microsoft, I`m broke anyway (no trademark on the firm either)) and I`ve reached the following conclusions:
- I am sick and need some sort of therapy;
- I just wrote on freakishly dark piece of Lore;
- When Hacktor sees this, I`m going to have to re-write the Teletubbies version (no trademark on that one either);
- It took me SIX goddamn hours to write just EIGHT goddamn pages! I am one retarded goddamn writer!

That`s all from me for now. Hacktor will have to read it, re-read it and then tell me what to remove because it might be too disturbing for a normal audience.

I`m too tired to sleep, and way too sickened to eat... And it`s night time here so all the shops are closed! I think I`m willing to sell my soul for a never-ending supply of chilled Mountain Dew.
Beelz, if you`re reading this, call me. We`ll talk!