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I was thinking about doing something like that, once. Only I figured it probably wouldn't be a good idea.

I mean, you're an artist, would you really want me saying why all your hard work sucks and how people shouldn't like it as much as they do?

Plus, that might get me an infraction.

I could probably try it in a way that wouldn't be so critical, but I should at least get better at doing artwork first.

...Unless I could get an artist.....

Any volenteers?
How about you instead have a list of comic makers who sign-up for a review on their webcomic and what they want you to review on. (i.e. Artwork, story, etc.) That way, the mods can't infract you because the artists gave consent. Plus, you should critique on instead of what's bad, on what needs improvement on, and offer suggestions.

Does that work?