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Thread: Index to Fancomics II

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    Default Re: Index to Fancomics: UPDATED

    Quote Originally Posted by Bayar View Post
    You could try this color code:



    Finished (like My name is Q)

    On Hiatus (when the author posts that he is on a hiatus)
    Nice! I'll implement that immediatly!

    Also: This is not an ABR discussion thread. Please don't sidetrack as if it is. (Sorry, but you ABR-ers have an entire thread to yourselves, don't go talking 'bout stuff here.)

    Quote Originally Posted by MethosHazara View Post
    I agree with this. If you make constructive critics instead of offensive ones you will be fine.

    by the way...
    I've edited all my posts on the last index thread to:

    Would be awesome if you guys could do the same. The last post is pointing towards this thread.
    Why don't you just copy-paste what you said in the last post to all your other posts? That would make it easier. Then someone could click on any post and end up here, instead of going to the last one.
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