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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverraptor View Post
    How about you instead have a list of comic makers who sign-up for a review on their webcomic and what they want you to review on. (i.e. Artwork, story, etc.) That way, the mods can't infract you because the artists gave consent. Plus, you should critique on instead of what's bad, on what needs improvement on, and offer suggestions.

    Does that work?
    It could work. Only problem is that it would be BORING. Boring to read and boring to write. Nobody wants to read a friendly, sane critic! And I wanna insult everybody!

    And I would still need an artist, because I'm still not completely skilled with my new program and I don't have a lot of time on my hands.

    If I got a willing artist, I'd give it a try anyway. It could be good and fun.
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