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    Default Re: KataraAltinaII's Premature Not So Short & To-The-Point Random Banter #130

    Why mosh when you can just be awesome?

    You remind of the babe.
    What babe?
    The babe with the power.
    What power?
    The power of the Voodoo!
    Who do?
    You do.
    Do what?
    Remind me of the babe.

    I saw my baby, cryin' hard as babe could cry.
    What could I do?
    My baby's love had gone, and left my baby blue.
    Nobody knew!

    What kind of magic spell to use?

    Slime and snails? Or puppy dogs tails?
    Thunder or lightning?

    Then baby said...

    Dance, magic dance!
    (Dance, magic dance)
    Dance, magic dance!
    (Dance, magic dance)

    Put that baby's spell on me!

    Jump, magic jump!
    (Jump, magic jump)
    Jump, magic jump!
    (Jump, magic jump)

    Put that magic jump on me!
    Slap that baby, make him freak!
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