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Thread: BleachitP OOC XI: All wet and tied up.

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    Default BleachitP OOC XI: All wet and tied up.

    The official tag for BleachitP threads is simply [BleachitP]. Put that on any threads for this.

    Questions and answers:

    What is BleachitP anyway?

    BleachitP is a FFRP universe which is heavily influenced (read: alternate version of the universe of) by the japanese manga/anime Bleach.

    Okay, but how is it different from, say, the Town or ACRONYM?

    It differs in several important ways.
    First, it is a lot more uniform that the Town and ACRONYM. BleachitP has Shinigami, Hollows (and Arrancar), Quincys (or it will), Bount and other stuff from Bleach. It does not have, say, cyborgs or sniper kittys.
    Second, the plot of BleachitP is more directed. There are the good, the bad, and the ugly, and they are mostly organised. As such, most plots and stuff will be interwoven into one big plot. Or at least that's the way it seems to be heading.
    Third, BleachitP is NOT in any way connected to the Town, at least not in the way ACRONYM is. i.e. you cannot have a character travel between the two. If you want a character in BleachitP, it is for BleachitP. You can have a version of the same character for both ACRO/Town and BleachitP, but they are different characters.

    How do I start?

    Well, you want to post a character in this thread, checking that you're not trying for a position that's already taken. Then, simply post and begin!

    There are rules, rught?

    Yes, there are.
    Firstly, no godmodding (or godmoding). A far better explanation of godmodding than I can give is here.
    Second, please remember that we do have a far more directed plot that ACRO or the Town. Please run any major spanners in the works past us guys on this thread first.
    Third, don't ruin anyone else's fun. I can't stress this enough.
    Fourth, have fun!

    New and Improved (but loose) Rules v.1.1!
    These "rules" are more loose guidelines that the three active elected OOC-moderators/mediators (Hollow Zaraki, Draken, and strawberryman) discussed to prevent arguments from breaking out in the OOC. In respect to each and every player, character, and the general plot with which character interactions weave, it's greatly appreciated if people keep these in mind with posts pertaining to BleachitP.

    1. Consider asking to join in fights before jumping in.
      As a result of several flocks of people joining into fights, and said fights becoming... unwieldy at best, and a complete cluster**** at the worst, please respect that all plots might not be open. Alternatively, if you yourself want to keep a fight cordoned off from other participants, say so in the OOC, at the beginning of your post, or both.
    2. TALK major fights over with your opponent!
      This is to keep arguments about who's the better fighter, who should win, blablablablabla, out of the OOC. Of course, talk these things over in PM, or some kind of IM service. While arguments might break out over said PM/IM... It keeps it out of the OOC. Which is what we're trying to do here. On that note...
    3. Don't argue in the OOC!
      That's the whole reason we were elected. To keep conflicts out of the OOC. They make the atmosphere oppressive, they make things less fun, and generally unpleasant and maybe even make the arguments larger than they need be. So, if you have a problem with someone, try to talk it out in PM or IM before using the OOC. And we highly recommend using one of the above listed mediators as a... well, mediator, via PM forwarding or shared IM chatrooms.

    These guidelines/loose rules might be viable to change or be added on to as issues come up, but the bases are covered pretty well.

    Have fun guys!

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    Shinigami Leader: Hayashi Daisuke, played by horngeek.
    1st| No special duties have been noted for the 1st Division, other than their Captain being the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13.|Hayashi Daisuke|Izumito Akira
    2nd| The 2nd Division being directly tied in with the Onmitsukidō, each of the top 5 seated officers is in charge of a certain division of the latter. For example the 3rd Seat is in charge of the Detention Unit. The 2nd Division also acts as the covert police in the mortal world and Soul Society working directly with the 8th Division|Satoshi Tsukami|Ryuunosuke Kenji
    3rd| The 3rd Division in the past was the Execution Division. It is unknown if they have kept these duties.|Maeda Katsuhito|
    4th| The 4th Division is the medical/supply division. They are responsible for both treating the injured and doing most manual labor such as cleaning Seireitei. Because of this, they have keys to most of the buildings and know the underground sewer system well. According to various members of the 11th Division, 4th Division members are rather weak at combat instead using their power to heal. The 4th Division is further divided into teams that have specific assigned jobs. They also seem to be in charge of general mantinence of Soul Society and its environs.|Taniko|Xavier Adam Ryder
    5th|The 5th Division looks after general communication and the paths for Hell Butterflies. It is also important to note that the 5th Division has a long history for its potent and skilled Captain's||Kishihaiiro Mejiri
    6th| The 6th Division is an all purpose Division, filling roles through out Soul Society where and when needed.|Shiaki Koujin|Damara Shishihara
    7th| The 7th Division oversees the duties of transportation between the Rokun and Soul Society, both of food and people. They are also the main couriers of Soul Society, and over see general logistics. |Hara Tai |The Brothers Grim
    8th| The Police of Soul Society|Darius Kiljaeran
    9th| The 9th Division is known as the Central Intelligence Unit. They work along with the 12th to gather, and then Store information. The 9th Division is well known as the Recon Division, utilizing their extensive information network to its full potential|Aiko Honoka|Ito Makato
    10th| No special duties have been noted for the 10th Division.|Vince|Lien
    11th| The Eleventh Division is the melee combat Division with a specialization in swords-only combat, forgoing the other Shinigami arts. It is mentioned that it is tradition for the current Kenpachi, the title held by the best swordsman in Soul Society, to hold the position of Eleventh Division Captain.|Shirubaru Reishiro|Cecilia
    12th| Than the 12th Division's connection to the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, Members are tasked with research and collection of data and samples, and the Captain is the President of the R&D Institute.|Kinkuzo Kukakya|Lexandra Kaizuki
    13th| The 13th Division is in charge of normal patrols in the Mortal World for Hollow Activity.|Siegfried Bieber|
    Kidō Corps| The Kidō Corps is responsible for opening the senkaimon, the gate between the human world and Soul Society. Among their duties also stand the creation, manutention and activation of mystic artifacts (such as the Sokyoku itself). Traditionally the head of house Kotetsu takes the job of Kidő Commander. It is also important to note that the Kido Corp. researchs and furthers the study of Kido.|Hideki Kotetsu|Oboro Kuenai[/table]

    Espada Leader: Toho, played by Hadrian Emrys (primarily).

    God of Hueco Mundo|Toho Tohon|Everyone
    Primera|Marro Kassagrad|Vinoly Rafella, Ambroz Tommasoro, Maria Jujulla, Legoretta Bofill, Sana-Rita, Raimondo Raonco, Teodemiro Alencar, Santago Kalatra
    Segunda|Takeshi|Leonardo, Alonso, Julia, Adilla
    Tercera|Elizabeth Rosemarie|Nakamura Amaya, Kenshin Noriko, Ruy Crecendiero
    Cuatra|Erscheinung Von Geister|Helena, Mia, Sandra, Gabrielle
    Quinta|Kira|Nico, Sora
    Sexta|Carcharadon Drakefast|Koyama
    Octava|Kinezumi Aritza|Donata Pantera, Alivise Gigantesco, Francessco Vega
    Novena|Polilla Mentiralas|Lance Delaney

    Exequias|Theresa Alvarado|Internal Police of the Espada and Las Noches
    Templarios|Vicenzo Scamozo, Oscar Meyers, Imhotep, Gabrielle Von Geister|The Templarios hunt down, capture or kill defectors from Toho's Army. Answers only to Toho and Von Geister
    Privaron|None|Gaurds of Las Noches[/table]

    Quincy Leader: Ran'kang'yi Gokudo, played by Innis Cabal.
    Bount Leader: Hans Rojak, played by Hollow Zaraki.
    Olympian Leader: Harubo, played by Night Surgeon.
    Samsara Leader: Lan Jia, played by Callos DeTerran.

    And we even have a wiki! (password for editing is 'foamy')

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