Okay... #36 is finally up ... `ave fun wit` dat one :D ...

I realize that the actual way things work in Eberron is a bit different and I took some liberties with this issue and I want to be clear on certain aspects:

1: Amber is casting Amber's Floating Disk... I know the real inventor is this guy Tenser, and people in Eberron cast Tenser's Floating disk, but since that's not part of the Open Game license i can't use it in SoS... so I instead made the following choice, instead of using a name spelled almost like the original (Like the Giant does) I chose to make every spell caster Name the spell after themselves, same for Otiluke and the others.

2: The Dwarf Magewrite is explaining how a warforged be con... sorry , is constructed. This is not explained in The Eberron Campaign settings (or any other suplement) so Every GM has to speculate on that (same as the Day of mourning or what's south of Xen'drik).. So I chose to take a hint from the fact that Keith Baker said you could repair a warforged using Craft:gemsculpting, and put my theory out there... So remember that this is only a speculation.

Thank you.