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    well that sounds like no one hates it, so next PrC rollin' up


    [IMG]Picture URL[/IMG]

    Mistress keeps telling me I'm 'disturbingly capable for one of the lesser races'. I just know I'm gonna haveta kill her now before she has me offed..."

    Shriekers are Vril trained as Battle Mages for their Drow Mistresses. Since their style of magic tends to be loud and unsubtle they aren't really going to be much good as assassins, and the odds are they'll die before their restricted training allows them to become too much of a menace.

    Most Shriekers begin as Sorcerers or Warmages before taking levels in this class.
    Race: Vril
    Spells: Must be able to cast 2nd level Arcane spells, at least one of which has the Sonic descriptor
    Skills: Concentration 8 ranks, Knowledge (Arcana) 8 ranks, Spellcraft 8 ranks
    Feats: Battle Caster, Dazing Shriek, Sudden Shriek

    Class Skills
    The Shrieker's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (Arcana, Dungeoneering)(Int), and Spellcraft (Int).
    Skills Points at Each Level : 2 + int

    Hit Dice: d6

       BAB  Fort    Ref    Will  Abilities
    1. +0    +0     +0     +2    Extra Shriek, +1 Level of Arcane Casting Class
    2. +1    +0     +0     +3    Shrieking Spell
    3. +1    +1     +1     +3    Sonic Combat Training, +1 Level of Arcane Casting Class
    4. +2    +1     +1     +4    Extra Shriek, +1 Level of Arcane Casting Class
    5. +2    +1     +1     +4    Shrieking Spell
    6. +3    +2     +2     +5    Sonic Combat Training, +1 Level of Arcane Casting Class
    7. +3    +2     +2     +5    Extra Shriek, +1 Level of Arcane Casting Class
    8. +4    +2     +2     +6    Shrieking Spell
    9. +4    +3     +3     +6    Sonic Combat Training, +1 Level of Arcane Casting Class
    10.+5    +3     +3     +7    Death Scream, +1 Level of Arcane Casting Class
    Weapon Proficiencies: A Shrieker gains no new weapon or armor proficiencies.

    Extra Shriek (Ex): At levels 1, 4, and 7 you gain one extra daily use of your Shriek ability.

    Shrieking Spell (Su): At level 2 you may 'lose' one of your daily uses of your Shriek ability to modify a spell you are casting that has the Sonic descriptor. At level 2 the you may chose to cast the spell as though it had been cast with one of the following Metamagic Feats: Enlarge Spell, Extend Spell.

    At level 5 you may also use it to cast a spell as though it had been cast with one of the following Metamagic Feats: Empower Spell, Explosive Spell.

    At level 8 you may also use it to cast a spell as though it had been cast with one of the following Metamagic Feats: Maximize Spell, Widen Spell.

    Sonic Combat Training (Su): At third level when preparing spells you may prepare any spell with the Sonic descriptor as a spell one level higher (or if you do not prepare spells you may cast it as a Full Round Action instead of a Standard Action). If your opponent doesn't Save successfully vs. this spell (or if it has no Save) he must make a Fortitude Save (DC is 10 plus half Hit Dice plus Charisma Modifier) or be Dazed 1 round.

    At 6th level if he fails the Save he is Dazed 1d3 rounds.

    At 9th level he no longer casts the spell as a spell 1 level higher (or casts it as a Standard action like any spell if he doesn't prepare spells ahead of time).

    Death Scream (Su): Once per encounter you may unleash the Death Scream: A 60' long cone of Sonic energy doing 1d6 damage per Hit Die you possess (Reflex Save for half damage, Save DC is 10 plus half Hit Dice plus Charisma modifier). Anyone damaged by it must also make a Second Save (Same DC) or be permanently Deafened and Dazed 1d3 rounds.

    Your mother always told you that you had a death wish, and an unholy attraction to elf women. Nothing else could explain your willingness to so obviously become cannon fodder in the service of someone who barely recognizes your existence. You'd explain to her your training will one day come in handy during the revolution, but Mistress may be listening...
    Combat: You're made for combat. Or so your Mistress says. She gets you into fights before you've healed from the last one, uses you as a 'trap shield', barely feeds and equips you, and perversely wants you to be a competent enough killer to defend her yet not pose a threat to her existence. In return for this service you get to hang out with some crazy half naked Drow chick and occasionally learn new killin' spells. Hardly seems fair does it?
    Advancement: Unless and until they can escape, Shriekers advance in whatever direction they're told to unless they can find training on the side away from their Mistress (which isn't likely).
    Resources: Usually you are owned by a Drow who uses you as their own private cannon. So you have whatever resources they wish to give you, unless you've escaped, at which point you're initially dead broke. It ain't easy being a Goblinoid...

    "Do you sometimes get the feeling Teblice stares at me in an unnatural way?
    Shriekers are poor creatures bred for nothing but battle, and who are smart enough to know it. many of them suffer from depression or odd mental quirks due to the stress of their situation, and usually die before they can get help. Once freed however, they are remarkably loyal to whoever is responsible, even if that person is of a Good alignment. You can just see the Lawful Good Paladin being followed by his Chaotic Evil wannabe sidekick. "I can change boss, no seriously..."
    Daily Life: Your days are spent training, avoiding death at the hands fo your fellows, avoiding death at the hands of your Mistress, and avoiding death at the hands of her enemies. On the odd occasion you get to vent your frustration, bad stuff happens.
    Notables: Teblice (CE Male Vril Warmage 6/Shrieker 6) is a budding revolutionary unwilling to admit his secret elf fetish (especially to his mom).
    Organizations: Escaped Shriekers often band together to form anti drow groups, or at least for mutual protection. Otherwise the closest thing they have are the training camps back in the slave warrens. Which may one day be the center of a revolutionary uprising against the hated Drow.
    NPC Reaction
    NPC's tend to be on the business end of your sonic abilities, usually at the order of your Mistress. Which means they hate her, and you aren't exactly popular...

    Shriekers are assumed to be (or at one point have been) slaves. This may make some players uncomfortable, so make sure they're okay with it.
    Adaptation: Shriekers tend to be more for serious campaigns given their origins as slaves, but they could do in humorous ones as the sarcastic sidekick/minion.
    Encounters: Shriekers are generally assigned to protect important Drow, or help with raiding parties. So PC's will see them twhen the Drow go to war, or the PC's try to sneak into a dark elf stronghold.

    Sample Encounter
    EL 12: The PC's are spying on a Drow caravan, wondering how best to take it, and looking for an opening. They notice a weird striped goblinoid who always seems to be near the Priestess in charge of it looks to be...enamored of her. Perhaps he likes other Elves as well. Now if only the party can talk the Elven Knight into chatting him up so they can gain some info...

    CE Male Vril Warmage 6/Shrieker 6
    Init +2, Senses: Listen +0, Spot +0, Dark Vision 60'
    Languages Goblin, Undercommon, Dwarven, Orc
    AC 28, touch 19, flat-footed 26 (+1 Size, +2 Dex, +9 Armor, +6 Shield)
    hp 66 (12 HD)
    Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +10
    Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
    Melee +4 Morningstar +9/+4 (1d6+3)
    Base Atk +6, Grp +1
    Atk Options Shriek 1/day, Warmage Edge +2,
    Combat Gear
    Spells Per Day 0: 6 (DC 12)
    1st: 7 (DC 13)
    2nd: 7 (DC 14)
    3rd: 6 (DC 15)
    4th: 5 (DC 16)
    5th: 3 (DC 17)
    Caster Level 10
    Abilities Str 8, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 14
    SQ Skinshift 3/day, Light Blindness, Armored Mage (Light), Advanced Learning (Luminous Gaze, Wind Wall)
    Feats Battle Caster, Dazing Shriek, Greater Spell Focus (Evocation), Spell Focus (Evocation), Sudden Shriek
    Skills Concentration +17, Intimidate +17, Knowledge (Arcana) +17, Spellcraft +17
    Possessions +5 Chain Shirt, +5 Light Steel Shield, +4 Morningstar, Bracers of the Blast Barrier, Dimension Stride Boots, 83 GP


    Hit Die: d6
    Skills Points at Each Level : 2 + int
    Extra Shriek At level 21 and every 3 levels thereafter you gain 1 extra daily use of your Shriek ability.
    Spells Your caster level continues to increase with Epic levels but you do not gain extra spells per day or learn new spells.
    Bonus Feats: The Epic Shrieker gains a Bonus Feat every 3 levels higher than 20th
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