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    Ta Sol Ravoq
    Situated to the East of the City of the Seven Ta Sol Ravoq is a forbidding place found in the valley of Life. Those headed Edgeward from the city must either take a detour around the valley or pass through it, inevitably having to cross the mighty ruins in doing so. The valley has a number of rivers running about it that meet at the centre of Ravoq and so the ground is fertile and can support plant life. Any attempts to settle the area though have ended in disaster with the settlers vanishing in the night leaving behind half finished houses or villages that haunt the valley. The ruin itslef is a metropolis of ancient stone buildings thought to have been wiped off the face of the land by the scourging only to emerge from the sands once more. They show no evidence of habitation but tunnels lead from this dead surface city into layers of catacombs beneath the surface. Some explorers find treasures of the past age here, others find death in forgotten traps left by the cities previous inhabitants, or, worse still, disappear into the night, snatched away by whatvere malicous force still inhabits the deepest depths of the ruins.

    The ancient dragon ruins of Gecis are largely ignored by the populace of the Northern Sands who care little for the relics of their violent and greedy ancestors. No major communities exist around the ruins and so it is a ripe target for adventurers from the south who seek out fortune as they attempt to evade the watchful eyes that man the border. Like most architecture KBS there is little left of Gecis but beneath the collapsed entrances and half buried halls there lies a maze of tunnels and caverns. Thought to once be home to the largest community of dragons in the world its cavernous halls and wide passages make it clear that Gecis belonged to the dragons. Similarly the rich Sculptures and Iconography has strong implications of draconic presence but time has worn away the details and is hard to tell which species ruled the once proud cave complex. Most of the obvious loot has long since been stolen away and taken to Krade'Fulfoth I (whose rulers insist it to be theirs by inheritance) but hidden passages and deeper levels remain untouched and awaiting those who dare to delve deeper into the past. Of course this is not without risk. The dragons left many traps for their hoards, the natural denizens of the desert have also made the caves their homes and (worst of all) the departed spirits of the ruins former inhabitnats haunt the hallways, refilling their hoards with the loot of dead adventurers.

    The ominous Shadehearst is an enigma. It rose one night from the desert sands and has remained there ever since. Just outside the area known as the shifting sands it has quickly become the site from which most expeditions to the rising ruins set forth from. Lacking any treasure of its own it would be easily overlooked where it not forth its unusual means of coming into the world and the glyphs and runes that adorn its stones. Shadehearst is comprised of a number of streets temples and small dwellings, many of which have walls inscribed in an ancient and long forgotten tongue that even the most scholarly of adventurers have been unable to decipher. Atop the tallest of its pyramid like temples is a large stone ring inscribed with glowing runes that give off strong magical and psionic emenations of an unkown nature. Due to the nature of the shifting sands and the mystery of the ruins themselves Shadehearst is not occupied though a trade camp has been set up just outside its limits.

    The Half City
    A site of special interest to the Edge project the half city is the only known ruin that sits right on the edge itself. Its name is derived from the fact that only half of it is believed to remain (explorers have found sewers, basements and cellars that all abruptly get cut off by the edge). Though it has no particularly interesting architecture or history (unlike say Gecis) it is still of interest due to its role as a part of the Scourging. Unfortunately it has frown increasingly hard to tell how much of the damage is a result of the scourging and how much has happenned since then but the fact that some of the buildings are almost entirely in tact raises many questions about the nature of the scourging and how it could ahnihalate one thing completely yet leave buildings so near by unscathed. There is no known settlement within the Half city as it is rife with undead.
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