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    Update 20

    [Happy Amakirr]

    Was elected President of GLoG. Players who need to interact with her in this capacity are encouraged to PM in case Happy's easily distracted and often brain fogged player misses an IC request. ((Actually, that goes for wanting to interact with any of my characters...))


    Arrived in Acro with her travelling companion Wolfbane. Scouted out Inside and found the entire concept of wedding dresses exceedingly silly.

    [Briony Davena]

    Graduated from npc status after Cal ravaged her village and killed her fiance and most of her family. Is severely disfigured by burns, and training with Wenomir diligently.


    A seven year old girl, and the new Maiden incarnation of Eve. After reviving Terref from death/near death, she used an explosive teleport to take the pair back to her home where Terref is mourning the loss of 1/15 of her identity.


    After meeting Reinholdt, she went back to GLoG and in a fit of magical mania, painted a powerful curse that makes him appear as a reef worm. This curse can only be broken by destroying the painting.

    Afterwards, she freaked out when she saw Daisuke and Brendan kill Stu, and stormed out of GLoG with his body. After he returned to life, she tried to be friendly, but Stu made it clear he was only interested in her body. She went to the MagCave to see her sister.


    Deadtimed at the MagCave

    [Professor Ferris Fitzhenry] and Molly

    Deadtimed at GLoG


    Was rescued by Reinholdt, and made it clear to him that she has no regrets about their time together. Has since had her baby offscreen.


    Deadtimed at Dead Pine Lake.

    [Peter Raven]

    In the Tumult PLOT/alternate reality.

    [Other characters I can't remember right now]

    Deadtimed somewhere.

    OOC advisory: Happy rarely undeadtimes more than one or two characters at a time. If you want to interact with any of my characters, drop me a PM.
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