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    Nice list, but you still miss some of the best ones (and some not so good but still web-comics! ;P):

    1- Doonesbury

    2- Twilight Lady

    3- Accursed Dragon

    4- Legend of Bill

    5- Shadowgirls

    6- When she was bad

    7- Wayfarer's Moon

    8- Cwen's Quest

    9- Cru the Dwarf

    10- Charby the Vampirate

    11- Sword & Sarcasm

    12- Book Elves - Featuring Alfheim

    13- Crossworlds

    14- Crowfeathers

    15- Terinu

    The 14-15 I think are dead, but there are tons of pages with good art and plot.

    Number 12-13 are not dead, but upgrade seldom.

    It's possible that some of them are already in the list and I didn't see them, it's a HUGE list! ^^

    Good work

    Edit: If you know that some of them are dead, write them in red, if they are upgrading in schedule, in green. In this way the list will be easier to read. If one day I'll be without anything to do, I'll find and give you the classification (type of comic, alive or dead, number of page (till now)...) for most of the comics in the list. :)
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