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    Default Re: Why did the Queen of Unaroyal destroy herself?

    Wanda did a "join us or die" gamble/experiment, she lost. If she had won, she would be stonger as uniroyal troops would have 2 lives and compared to a fight, she wouldn't lose any decrypted.

    Update #40, Jetstone made the same sort of gamble and won.

    Overall the fight is still reasonably close (the royal side if gathered into one huge army could win according to Ansom), so gambling can help.

    Both sides have intel gap, for all Wanda knew, the other side might already know about decrypting and the queen not being under thinkomancy compulsions may turn to save her life. (Just as others didn't know capabillities of GK's original caster linkup, she doesn't know other sides abillities)

    It turned out that the queen valued the royal side or hated the decrypted side more than her sides lives.
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