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Thread: Is Stanley attuned to an Arkentool?

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    While Wanda probably has a very low loyalty rating to Stanly (she is loyal to fate magic), she actually didn't betray Banhammer. She thought that Stanley was an idiot (he is, but a powerful idiot is the problem) and that Faq's forces would make mincemeat of him. She was VERY mistaken, but she never intended Banhammer or Faq to come to harm. And it would have netted Faq a Arkentool if it had worked.
    An Arkentool wich she had no assurance that would actualy be usefull to them.

    An Arkentool in the hands of a warlod wich was quickly rising in position due to series of victories.

    If "Atracting lighting-shooting veteran of war enemy with angry dwagons at his back to your secret capital wich relies mostly on illusions to stay safe and has actualy very few competent soldiers" doesn't count as betrayal, then it's at least complete incopetence.

    Granted, Wanda isn't a warlord, so she probably didn't know much about military basics (she still doesn't, as we can see how she dealt with Unaroyal).

    Like Maggie pointed out, Wanda is very talented at everything, but doesn't really bother to give her best at anything. She never prepares contigencies, trusting that her lewt skillz will allow het to get out of any mess she finds hersel into, always improvising. She almost died a lot of times thanks to it, one would expect she would've learned her lesson, but she's kinda of the arrogant type (Jillian breaking my mindrape spell? Please, not even in a million years! Hey, why is she butchering our troops....AAAYEEEEE).

    Anyway, Wanda isn't loyal to fate magic. She's loyal to herself first of all, altough it seems like she has taken a liking to Stanley, puting her life on the line for him more than once.
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