Did you forget that he can use his arkentool to rock out, the official music of the titans and is stronger than dance fighting?

I believe the Arkentool is the natural counter to the arkenpliers. Where the arkenpliers seem to create perfect replicas of those slain (and other things perhaps, but this is pretty potent for starters) The arkenhammer creates what seems to be the most powerful unit in the game so far (dwagons) and gives specific leadership bonus and abilities.

So while wanda can create a massive army, Tool can just lead a flight of dwagons over top the army and slaughter her or her castle quickly in a blitzkreig like strike with a relatively small but perhaps the most powerful unit.

Essentially it allows them to have the most elite strike force since with the lighting, rocking out and dwagon taming the only thing that can engage him is range and non dwagon fliers.

As the Tool said, sometimes you gotta tame a dwagon, other times you just gotta bust a nut.