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    Yeah, it`s me. Even though I vanished without a trace I`m back now and I`m more obnoxious than ever. I won`t go into detail about the epic mishaps that led to my unannounced long-term disappearance but I`m back and I`m pretty much alright.

    I already talked to Hacktor and after he recovers fully from surgery and I recover fully from everything (and then find a job), we`ll be back to stay (probably until around Christmas when we`ll be abducted by our families).

    That is all, for now. =]

    [edit] Just so you know, we are both alive and well. Right now, I`m catching up to the first weeks of both colleges I missed. I also had some pre-session exams (we call these partials) and I had to cram up for them. Sadly, Hackster and I are on different time schedules at the moment and don`t get to talk.
    Right now, he`s waiting for my texts so I guess I`m the one who`s keeping the comic in place. Last announced exam is Friday and I really want to impress the teacher (before she performs a lobotomy on me) so I`m serious when I say to PLEASE (I`m serious, PLEASE!!!) come back here Monday.

    ``You are not prepared!`` for Monday!
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