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    Default Re: Why did the Queen of Unaroyal destroy herself?

    Quote Originally Posted by Slayn82 View Post
    And also, there is Ansom's beliefs. He may be Decripified, but he is still the same Ansom at core.
    Yep -- his conversation with Parson at the end of Book 1 shows that he believes Decryption to be "a higher expression" of the Titans' will, and he's every bit as self-assured about it as he was about his earlier belief in the Royal mandate to rule.

    Wanda describes herself as "loyal to Fate magic" -- it's possible that she is at least entertaining the possibility that Ansom's new ideology (he was the first Decrypted, after all) is an expression of what Fate has chosen for her and for Erfworld generally.

    Quote Originally Posted by multilis View Post
    It turned out that the queen valued the royal side or hated the decrypted side more than her sides lives.
    I'd guess it was "hated the decrypted side" for turning her daughter into an abomination and forcing her to send a strike force to put her down.
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