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After reading the most recent summer update, I suddenly realized that Stanley may not actually be attuned to the ArkenHammer.
Here's my basis for hypothosis:

Stanley, unlike Wanda, has no idea what he's doing with his Arkentool. He learned to turn walnuts to pidgeons after, what, years? Wanda was making decrypted warriors moments later.

The only real reasons people thought he was attuned was possession and the command of dwagons. Seeing that Ansom was in possession of Wanda's Arkentool, possession =/= attunement. Also, Parson commanded a dwagon pretty handily, though he is much larger than any Erfworlder, and can't really be expected to ride a dwagon successfully.

I'll list the abilities that the tool has with the hammer.

First thing was the dwagons, pops at capital and can tame wild ones, possibly enemy ones too.

Can attack with lightning (shown in his attempt to escape and in the flashback when wanda tells of leading him back to her city).

Can turn walnuts into pidgeons.

Can rock out, the official music of the titans and stronger than dance fighting.

That's 4-5 abilities (depending on if you count the dwagon as 2 since spawning and taming are seperate). Wanda has only shown 1 so far. So yeah the Tool is attuned.