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    Name/rank: Matsu Moroha, Genin (experienced)

    Clasification: Low C rank
    Birthdate: June 21
    Age: 13
    Height: 5' 4"
    Weight: 138 lbs
    Affiliation: Sunagakure (primary), Konohagakure
    Due to treaty agreements, Matsu has been sent to Konoha for training (under the hokage?) as well as alliance reinforcement.

    Appearance: Moderate length, spiky, dark green hair; well-tanned skin color. Eyes are a light blue.
    Matsu wears a black long sleeve shirt and long pants. The sleeves of the shirt and the pant legs from the knee down are made from mesh, and quite durable. His hitai-ate is strapped around his waist, using a dark green band. He also wears a pair of gloves made of the same mesh as his pants and shirt.

    Personality: Matsu is always curious, though he tends to watch more than ask questions. He's always been something of a loner, due to his unusual nature. During his brief period as a member of a squad, he was able to learn some social skills. He learned to enjoy the presence of people, and kept this trait (to some extent) even after the rest of his squad was killed.

    Bloodline: It seems as though Matsu has the abilities of the Mokuton Kekkei-Genkai, though his specific variation has been influenced by his original surroundings. As Sunagakure didn't have much in the way of plantlife, Matsu learned to manipulate his own body.

    Notable Jutsu:
    Wood release: Thorn growth: Matsu's most commonly used technique, this jutsu causes long, thornlike protrusions to extend from his arms and legs. They provide some measure of protection, but are mainly for attack. They can be used as part of unarmed strikes, shredding with each strike. As a secondary feature, (a different jutsu?) the thorns can exude a paralytic poison, though it isn't very strong.

    Wood release: Bark armor: A thick layer of wood and bark quickly grows over any surface of Matsu's body, providing protection and resistance to damage.

    Wood Release: Flowing wood: Using this technique, Matsu can move through wood as if it weren't there. It also allows for feats like hiding in walls, climbing up the inside of trees, and launching surprise attacks from the floor.

    While not actually a technique, Matsu can use his bloodline to preform photosynthesis. Unless he doesn't have access to sunlight for long periods of time, Matsu needs not eat, but only to keep hydrated.

    General Abilities:
    Ninjustsu: Many of Matsu's abilities are ninjutsu, and he has become fairly skilled in the art.

    Taijutsu: Much of Matsu's combat ability arises from his taijutsu skills, which are thoroughly developed.

    Genjutsu: Matsu never had a teacher for genjutsu, and they never really struck him as useful.

    Chakra Control: Because of his impressive chakra reserves, Matsu has never put much work into management of his own chakra. He does enjoy the use of both wall and water-walking jutsus though.

    Special Abilities:
    Container of the five-tailed wolf, Gobi. Because of his 'bloodline', the demon has mellowed out to some degree. Also, it has little to no chance of releasing; Matsu's chakra inherently suppresses the bijū. This has prompted Matsu to develop an alternate relationship with his 'prisoner', in more of a symbiotic relationship than other Jinchuriki. Besides the normal benefits this gives (huge chakra pool, unusually fast healing, etc.) his senses are quite a bit better than normal, especially his sense of smell and hearing.
    Appearance concepts (just pretend they have five tails)