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    Name/Rank: Hazuma Kyo/Missing-Nin,
    Theme Song:
    Classification: S-Class
    Birthdate: Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 5’3’’
    Weight: 120 lb
    Gender: Male
    Blood type: AB+
    Affiliation/Kage: Amegakure, Previously Iwagakure

    Appearance: Kyo stands rather short, with a willowy frame that seems almost too slight and small to be an actual ninja’s body. He most often wears a single black mandarin shirt with long sleeves, black pants and a red sash, its loose ends hanging almost to the floor. He carries his blade in a rectangular sheath made from dark wood across the small of his back at all times. Few people know Kyo’s eye color, hidden behind a curtain of straight, thick black bangs that hang almost to his nose. The rest of his hair is pulled back into a pony tail, most often braided, to the small of his back. The only other feature of note is the almost constant warm, gentle smile that graces his face, wrinkles on his young face showing that the smile is almost a permanent feature. He often wears geta, and can be heared from yards around with his clacking.

    Kage Uniform: Kyo wears the typical Kage uniform, the kanji for Rain on his hat, and the color of the triangle a dark gray like the cloudy sky. He continues to keep his sword on his back.

    Shoku Uniform: Kyo’s Shoku uniform varies little from others, his long trench coat lined with rich thick fur, with prayer strips made of metal attached to his sleeves on chains. He most often keeps his jacket open, his typical outfit lying underneath. He wears a blank white mask over his face, a red smile etched on it its only feature. He holds his sword in its typical place, and wears a pair red geta.

    Personality: Hazuma Kyo could be said to have a bubbly personality, laughing and joking at almost all times. He is known to be quite charitable, giving freely of himself to the large majority of poor he finds himself living within Amegakure. This ready nature has earned him a great deal of respect, both in the distrustful Missing-Nin who make their home in the Village Hidden in Rain and in the general population as well, known as “The Laughing Yojimbo”

    Bloodline: Ama-no-monomaneshi-no-kamae
    Elemental Affinity: Unknown

    Notable Jutsu

    Hazuma Kyo is known as an S Class Missing-Nin, and has been noted by Iwagakure that he is well versed in both Taijutsu and Ninjutsu, knowing numerous jutsu’s.

    Summoning: Hazuma Kyo is a contract holder, and is quite skilled at summoning on the fly. He has several seal stamps, large blocks of wood with seals etched to the bottom, to facilitate this quick summoning.

    Footsteps in the Sand: Creates a hazy dust like curtain around Hazuma, creating silent after images as he dashs forward, confounding attacks,

    Clouds in your Sleeve: Creates several wispy long tendrils from Hazuma’s sleeve, each tipped with bitting mongoose heads. These dissapate in a relatively short amount of time, though can reach several feet to attack. It is unknown if these spirit tendrils can be created from other area’s.

    Rain of Apathy: A newly created jutsu, or at least one unseen until recently, Rain of Apathy creates a small dense cloud above Hazuma Kyo’s head, rain issuing forth. The rain is dirty, and covers all but Hazuma in a thick muddy water that slowly hardens, growing heavy. Should anyone remain in this area, they can be completely encased in thick clay like earth, though it does not effect their breathing.

    General Abilities

    Ninjutsu: Hazuma Kyo is a master of Ninjutsu, and it is arguably his strongest field of expertise, mastering countless jutsu’s. It is rumored he became a Missing-Nin by fleeing Iwagakrue by stealing several of their forbidden jutsu. This is of course only rumor, though the level of Hunter-Nin after him speak that it might not all be a fabrication.

    Taijutsu: Despite his small and light build, Hazuma Kyo is a well known swordsman even outside of his Ex-Village, and a renowned folk hero in Amegakure for his talents of physical combat.

    Genjutsu: Hazuma Kyo has rudimentary skill with Genjutsu, roughly between C rank or B rank.

    Chakra Control: As an S class Ninja, Hazuma Kyo excels in the arts of chakra manipulation, even being marked as performing strange and unheard of feats of power in this field.

    Special Abilities

    Ringing Sword Style: While a master of swordplay, Hazuma has created both his own type of sword, and a fighting style based around its use. His sword, a sword length tuning fork, is bladed on each outside edge, the fork ending in two wicked points. The Ringing Sword Style relies on both confusion and several forms of hand to hand, incorporating both hand strikes and sword swings into a vicious storm of attacks.

    Contract: Hazuma Kyo has a contract with the spirit of the Mongoose, and can summon these creatures to aid him. The Mongoose Spirits are noted for their cunning and their speed, though are physically not as powerful as other summons.

    Elemental Affinity: Despite his chakra's elemental aspect being unkown, several sources have spoken of his seemingly masterful ability to blend and manipulate the various other elemental chakra’s for bizarre results.
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