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    佐竹 知弥
    Satake Tomoya
    Rank: Chuunin
    Classification: ~B Rank
    Birthdate: October 31st
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: none of your business!
    Gender: Female
    Blood type: B
    Affiliation/Kage: Serves the 3rd Hokage
    * Konohagakure
    * Land of Fire
    Theme Song: A Resolute Person
    Appearance: At a modest height, Tomoya seems to be relatively well kept - her hair is controlled, and gently pulled to the right side of her face with a hair clip - the only really girly item on her appearance. She wears a black yukata appropriate of a calligrapher, and a glove on her right hand that only covers her ring and pinky finger. Perhaps her most noticeable features are the large kanji 封 inscribed on her forehead, as well as 掌 on the back of her right hand.

    Personality: In general, Tomoya seems to be a relatively calm and controlled young lady with a penchant for intense concentration and meticulous care. She seems patient and kind, always willing to help, though confident of her skill in combat.
    However, when in the presence of the Hokage, she is suddenly filled with a fiery passion of "Can-Do" spirit similar to that of say, Rock Lee. She treats him like a savior who can do no wrong, and never hesitates to do what he asks and gives it her 120%.
    Perhaps this is a side effect of trauma from the hellish training regime that the 3rd Hokage has put her through... Or maybe not - see background for more on that...

    Finally, Tomoya has a deeply repressed anger and frustration at the idea of Limitation. She is deep down, a very deep firebrand, and should the stress of a combat situation cause her to "Snap," she'll begin literally trying to blow everything up...with explosive tags. While laughing hysterically.

    Background: Tomoya did not come from any famous clans or backgrounds, and indeed was no where near the top of her ninja class through the academy in performance for combat or ninjutsu skills. That's not to say she doesn't know any - rather it's just not her strength. She was quite an energetic and lovable child who was more interested in playing or talking with friends, which did not help her in a school learning environment. She displayed a rare talent for inscribing chakra - useful for writing seals and many of the paper crafts such as explosive tags. Her superiors recognized this, and after much deliberation, she was placed under the tutorage of the Hokage.
    Though her excitable and spunky attitude helped her through the beginnings of the Hokage's rigorous training regime, ultimately things started to become tense between them due to her failures and struggles to meet the high standards presented. This all came to change on her fifteenth birthday:
    After a bitter exchange of words with the Hokage, who had berated her on some of her failures during the day's training regime, Tomoya went home in frustration to mope silently in her room - quite a depressing birthday. Knowing she was letting everyone down, including herself, she made a vow that she would do things right, and become a ninja everyone would be proud of, and she wrote the seal 封 (Hou) on her forehead using all of her skill.
    The power of seals is a dangerous one indeed, and completing the seal caused an explosion which totaled her room, and left Tomoya in the hospital for a week in a coma. When she awoke, her personality had totally re-manifested, though in actuality she still holds those original traits deep within her. She of course, has no memories of being any different - only what people have told her, which is little and so largely irrelevant to her now, that she doesn't seem to mind.
    A year has gone by, and though perhaps it is a disturbing and chilling change for those that knew her well when she was younger, Tomoya is doing just fine, and excelling in all her fields. She just achieved Chuunin status - a rank really no one could have expected her to achieve back during her early Genin days. She still is under the supervision of the Hokage, and she serves as a kind of 'assistant,' performing a wide range of activities.

    Bloodline: None notable, though she possesses a rare affinity to scribing chakra.
    Elemental Affinity: Fire

    Notable Jutsu: She does not generally perform normal jutsu, though is familiar with the standard ones all genin and most chuunin know. Her real talent lies in seals/scribing/summoning variety of jutsu, especially in written form. Beware her exploding tags.

    Special Abilities:
    She is a prodigy with chakra scribing, and is under the tutorage of the Hokage himself in order to train her skills. She uses a brush and paper to do most of her work, writing seals and explosive tags. The power of words in her brush are the powers she commands...though if she was to use them in combat, she'd have to prepare well in advance.

    The Seal on her forehead "封"("Hou") means "Seal" and it has sealed a good deal of her original personality away so that she could be 'molded' into a great ninja. The effects are described in her personality/background description.

    In addition, she has since also started to write more characters on her body - most prominent being the one "掌" ("Shou") on her right hand, slightly hidden by the two fingered glove that she wears. It is an amplifier for her chakra to increase the speed and ease at which she scribes chakra (she is in fact, ambidextrous, and can write with either hand. Only her right one is amplified, however).

    Notable Facts and Character Relationships
    • Sokaku and Yuuta were on the same Genin Squad after completing academy together. It would seem Tomoya is the last to achieve Chuunin rank among them
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