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    Name: Kai Arezawa (First Name, Last Name)
    Rank: Genin
    Classification: C-rank
    Age: 16
    Height: 6' 4"
    Weight: 132 Ibs.
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: Sunagakure

    Appearance: Kai is a tall, striking figure, who walks with poise and dignity. He has a handsome face, with light brown eyes and short, blond hair. He wears a white flak vest over a thin, long sleeved, light brown shirt, and white fingerless gloves that cover his forearms. Strips of metal line the gloves. A mundane but well made katana hangs at his left side, and he wears simple black pants, and typical shinobi sandals. He wears his forehead protector on his forehead.

    Personality: Kai is serious, determined, and has little tolerance for fools, although he nurtures a strong sense of humor. Relatively stoic. He has few friends, and spends most of his free time training. Kai lives by a flexible but absolute code of honor, and is a good person, although his vision is somewhat clouded by his upbringing. Despite this, Kai is also prideful and arrogant, although he recognizes this about himself and tries to view his achievements and failures through unfiltered eyes. He is also not a braggart.

    Bloodline: The Arezawa clan is the possessor of the All Knowing Black Eye Doujutsu. When it is manifested, the user's eyes become entirely black, with the exception of a white, simple crosshair design. While using the Doujutsu, the user can analyze the physical status of objects or animals, determining condition, weak points, strong points, and unusual physical features. The Doujutsu can also pierce Genjutsu, or more accurately, doesn't see them at all, meaning that Genjutsu has no effect. The Bloodline also grants the improved vision present in all Doujutsu.
    The Arezawa clan is also very powerful politically and is considered one of the "Noble Houses" of Sunagakure, although Kai tends to play this down to people who aren't informed of the fact.

    Elemental Affinity: Wind

    Notable Jutsu:

    Soaring Step: When using this move, Kai creates two powerful blasts of wind from his feet, giving him a burst of speed and allowing him to close with an opponent.

    Sword of the Heavens: By using his sword as focus, Kai creates blades of wind which extend invisibly from it, allowing him to catch an opponent off guard. Although powerful, this technique is difficult for Kai to use with precision, and requires total focus to be effective. It also has limited range. Kai can also use it to increase the speed of his swing.. At its highest level, Kai uses the technique to create a rolling series of air blades around the blade, creating a "chainsaw" effect which increases the cutting power of the blade.

    Divine Strike: Swinging his blade in front of him, Kai shoots a curving blade of wind at his opponent. Notable as one of his few ranged attacks.

    Veil Parting: By swinging his sword in front of him, Kai creates a small cyclone in an arc in front of him. Not very effective as an attack, but capable of diffusing some elemental Jutsu and diverting small projectiles away from him.

    Art of the Shadow Doppleganger: Kai has actually managed to learn how to create Shadow Dopplegangers, although they are exhausting and difficult for him to use.


    Ninjutsu: Ninjutsu is Kai's strongest area of the four basic techniques. He is a strong wind user.
    Taijutsu: Kai is an expert with Taijutsu, but prefers to use his sword.
    Genjutsu: Kai has little aptitude for Genjutsu, and has only the most basic of abilities with it, enough to graduate from ninja school. The sole exception to this rule is the doppleganger technique, which he has trained hard in and is very skilled with.
    Chakra Control: Kai has good chakra control, and is efficient with its use.

    Special Abilities

    Swordsmanship: Kai's greatest skill is his Kenjutsu. Kai is has spent most of his life training in bladework, and has a high natural affinity for the sword arts. This is supplemented by a heavy training regime. Kai is well versed in traditional swordsmanship, and is very skilled in Battojutsu and Iaijutsu techniques. During his time in Konoha, he has also begun to learn the Dance of the Crescent Moon style, which he is yet to master.

    Sword Seals: As a blade specialist shinobi, Kai has learned how to make seals while holding his sword, enabling him to use Jutsu without dropping it.
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