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    Name/Rank: Raiden Himura, Jonin
    Classification: B-Class to A-Class
    Birthdate: Unknown
    Age: 25
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 155 lb
    Gender: Male
    Blood type: O+
    Affiliation/Kage: Hokage

    Appearance: He is a tall and lanky guy with green eyes. He looks rather harmless.

    Personality: He enjoys teaching and drawing for the most part. He can be found giving extra help to young kids at the ninja academy. He has no squad, he does better work on his own usually.

    Quirks: He is silly in serious situations, he could be at a funeral and be cracking jokes. Mostly to hide his own sadness about whoever died.

    [b]Notable Jutsu: Fire Jutsu

    Summons: He has a contract with a wolf clan who are mostly used for tracking and using their senses to see through genjutsu.
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