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    Tenyama Ryuu (Last, First); Genin


    Classification: D/C rank
    Birthdate: December 21
    Age: 14
    Height: 5' 2"
    Weight: 100 lbs.
    Gender: Male
    Blood Type: A
    • Konohagakure
    • Land of Fire

    Appearance: Brown Hair that is medium length. Reddish mixed with Brown eyes. A tattoo spiralling across his arm that looks like a sillhouete of a flame.

    Wears a Sephiroth-looking outfit, minus the shoulder blades. A single glove with a picture of a pair of angel wings on it.

    Personality: More or less Calm, but with a twinge of worry that shows on his face. Considerate of others, and usually quiet. Is a sucker for those things that you see in TV ads, such as: "Magic Plant Fertilizer! Actually works!" or something like that.

    Is the common victim for ______'s pranks (Whoever has a character that's a prankster can be here maybe?) They're good friends though, maybe BECAUSE of all of ______'s pranks.

    Can be found commonly in the library or trying to invent a new justu. (Which usually ends in a comedic explosion with Ryuu covered in soot.)

    Bloodline: Unknown, but allows Ryuu to generate wings out of wind chakra and fly for a few seconds at a time, with a cooldown of about four hours. The more practice he gets, the longer he can stay in the air and the less cooldown time. This bloodline, of course, give him an Affinity to wind.

    Notable Jutsu:

    Fuuton: Tsubasa
    Ryuu gains wings for a small period of time, as stated above. Allows him to fly. Also looks kick-ass.

    Fuuton: Ken
    Wind Chakra is focused into the shape of a sword and can cut through materials as hard as steel. Cannot cut through chakra, though.

    Summoning: Has a summoning contract with lynxes, and other large cats.


    Ninjutsu: Superb for his level. Is trained in multiple different ninjutsu, ranging from E-Rank to B/A-Rank.

    Taijutsu: Average level. It isn't great, but good enough for him to survive hand-to-hand combat long enough for help to arrive.

    Genjutsu: Good Level. Has mastered D-Level to C/B-Level Genjutsu.

    Special Abilities:

    On-the-Fly Knowledge of the World: Since he's spent lots (And I mean LOTS(Nerd(Shut up Personality Disorder!))) of time in the library he know a lot about the history of the Five nations and other Continents as well. He also has good knowledge on Geography, Weapons, Psycology, Sociology, Cooking...

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