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I'd say managing to work up from being a near-mindless piker who would be obsessed with his weapon through to a warlord is something of an achievement. Then he got lucky, found an arkentool, and went on a rampage of conquest for Saline.

Stanely is meant to be good at combat and intuitive tactics. The fact that he mopped the floor with Caesar should be evidence enough of his skills in combat.

It's strategy and general higher cognitive functions that he's useless at. Which is why if he somehow was made a warlord again, and someone smarter made Overlord, GK would be a hell of a lot more dangerous.
Umm. Nothing you say here adds anything to what I've said.

He's always been an infantryman. A soldier. He doesn't have much imagination for anything else. He's good at thumping things and some basic procedure and that's about it. He has prowess in combat, but so what? (Nevermind, that he had an artifact to help beat Caesar.)

He was never meant to be anything more than a mere grunt, so he's mystified by the fact that he's suddenly in a position of power and responsibility. It makes him feel lonely and confused anytime anything gets a little bit weird or boring. He doesn't "get it," although he's more than willing to credit Titanic mandate or his extraordinary luck.

And that's what pisses of most Royals. It's evidently clear that he's a grunt in the wrong place. He just confirms their prejudices, although there are noteworthy exceptions in people like Charlie or Caesar.