Name/Rank: Watanabe Takeshi/Genin
Classification: D-Rank
Birthdate: July 20th
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Blood Type: A
Theme Song: Star Wolf
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 115 lbs.
  • Land of Fire
  • Konohagakure

Takeshi is a handsome, strapping young man, with charming facial features, short black hair, and green eyes. His skin is pale, and in Genin headband rests neatly on his forehead, occasionally having a strand of hair brush over his. He is muscular for his age, as all shinobi are, and wears a pair of small glasses, on occasion, when reading. He wears the traditional shinobi attire, with the mask covering the lower section of his face, and wears a dark-green flak jacket.

He seems somewhat distant and far away from other people, seeming somewhat emotionless. In essence, he sees only priorities, and most people aren't priorities. When you get him to talk, he is rather charming, but most of his sentences are one-word laments.

Rather useful. Read here!

Notable Jutsu:
  • Shuriken Eye Attack - A formidable attack of Genjutsu. When successful, the person who's being affected should comprehend everything as a shuriken, causing them to extreme pain and go mad from the revelation.
  • Deafaning Blast - Genjutsu again! Meant to disorient the victim via loss of hearing. A high-pitched siren seems to be blasting non-stop in someone's ear.
  • Blinding Strike - Genjutsu attack. When successful, it should blind the victim, leaving them open for attack.

    General Abilities:
    • Genjutsu - His most praticed skill. He believes that "They'll never see it coming," or something of the like.
    • Taijutsu - His second-best skill. He wields two Sai, and is quite good with them.
    • Ninjutsu - Just enough to make it to Genin.

Has an extremely high intellect for someone his age.