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    Name/Rank: ???; Leech
    Classification: S-ranked criminal
    Birthdate: ????
    Age: ????
    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight: ????
    Gender: Male
    Blood type: ????
    • Missing-nin from the land of water
    • Rogue ninja from the Village Hidden in the Mist

    Appearance: Leech is covered in Black clothing that has a hood that covers most of his head and body. He has 2 deep black beetle eyes that have no iris or anything, just blackness. He has some cloth wrapped around his mouth and nose, further hidding his features.

    However, when he gets into combat, he is less secretive in his looks. Underneath these clothing features, is an abomination sight. His head is bald and uneven, such as that of an insect's. His mouth forms the shape of an "O" and has razorsharp teeth all around the rim of it.

    He carrys many summoning scrolls to perform his many acts of forbidden jutsu.


    Personality: Leech's past is unknown. Only thing known is the fact that he is from the Village Hidden in the Mist and is hunted by their anbu. He is part of a secret deadly criminal organization known as the Shoku. His crimes are known well and far.

    Leech has a deranged idea about human nature. In his view, every human being is a leech themselves. In response to this, he decided to "improve" this parasitic relationship in himself, and that's what he has done. He has made a pact with the parasitic insects and summons a bunch of them in the process. Most of these summonings are part of Forbidden Jutsu's.

    He cares not for anyone but himself and experiments on others to achieve his disired state. He has subjegated entire villages and has it's occupants hidden in secret layers across the world. He has each occupant tagged and imprisoned in special cages. He may chose to summon one anytime to use them to complete Forbidden Jutsu's.

    Bloodline: ??????

    Notable Jutsu: Most of Leech's Jutsu's are forrbidden. These are amoung the many he uses most often.

    • Transparent hive: A special barrier is errected similar to that of an insect hive. The barrier is however transparent so he can see out at all people. The strands of wax that keep it together is amoung the toughest material that exists. He uses this Jutsu to help prepare Forrbidden jutsu's.
    • Maggot Summoning: A Jutsu that requires a human sacrifice. Leech usually conjures one of his many prisoners and performs this Jutsu on them. Maggots of enormous size burst out of the host, killing them in the process. These maggots are fast and agile fighters with immense strength.
    • Roach Summoning: A Jutsu that requires a human sacrifice. Leech usually conjures one of his many prisoners and performs this Jutsu on them. A roach then burst out, killing the host. This insect is enormous in size and strength and spits a deadly acid.
    • Parasitic Infestation: By conjuring a bunch of insects, Leech then sends them out toward opponents in large numbers. If they manage to reach their target, they then burrow into them, eating them from the inside and excreating a paralyzing toxin in the process.

    Special Abilities: Leech has a special affiliation with parasetic insects. Thus, some features have been characterized by this.

    • Leeching: Leech is able to extend his life by this process. He needs only to bite a victim with his mouth and suck out their blood. Most usually die in the process. He usually prefers the neck when using this ability. The younger the victim, the stronger Leech gets.
    • Parasitic Chakra Absorption: Leech is able to suck out the chakra of victims by biting them with his mouth. The result sucks out all available Chakra and usually kills the victim in the process.
    • Insect Affiliation: Leech is able to communicate and use many types of Parasitic insects. He uses them to help fight or scout for potential victims.
    • Swarm teleportation: Leech is able to use the chakra of his swarm of insects and move between them when they are massed together. He uses this mainly to get around quickly across the land.
    • Insect Merging: Leech is able to merge into one of his summoned Insects. As such, the creature mutates into a stronger and more frightening version of it's original form as Leech is merged. However, this technique uses up continual and a large amount of chakra.
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