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    Name/Rank: Yoshi "Hurricane"
    Classification: S-Rank Criminal
    Theme Song: The Night - Disturbed
    Age: ???
    Height: 5' 7", but is usually crouching.
    Weight: ???
    Gender: Male
    Blood type: A
    • Missing Nin - Has no affiliation
    • Rogue from the Land of Wind

    Yoshi appears as a disfigured man. He is usually crouching on the ground, a robe covering his body. On his head, he bears long, black hair. His eyes are also black. He would be handsome, if not for one detail. He is missing his left eye, and makes no attempt to cover it, leaving a horrible, blank socket. The entire area around that eye is bloody and scarred.
    As his appearance may hint, Yoshi likes having people fear him. He is very prideful and conceited, as he would let two people live to tell their village about him. Then he'd kill one, because it only takes one person to deliver a message. He is quickly irritated and short-tempered. He also has a sadistic nature, which causes him to relish murder.

    He doesn't have any Kekkei Genkai, but he has extraordinary senses, which may be attributed to his clan.

    Notable Jutsu:
    • Puppet Technique - He can control a puppet of his from afar, with chakra strings.
    • Human Puppet Technique - Can turn humans into puppets with aforementioned Chakra strings.
    • Wind Release: Cyclone Jutsu - Can create a traveling cyclone which not only can trap opponents, but rip even buildings to shreds, with its high, razor-sharp winds.
    • Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique - Created and mastered by him, to use on any large body of water.
    • Human Puppet Illusion - A Genjutsu attack that makes the victim(s) think they are fighting a normal puppet, but, in reality, they're fighting a real, living person.
    • Puppet Human Illusion- Genjutsu attack, makes the victim(s) think that the puppet is a living human. But, in reality, it's a puppet.

    General Abilities:
    • Ninjutsu: Very advanced, through years of hard-work and training. S-Rank.
    • Taijutsu: Also advanced, and he is a very good physical fighter. A-rank.
    • Genjutsu: B-rank, knowing mainly how to get out of Genjutsu. And a few illusions.

    Special Abilities:
    • Superhuman Strength: He is much stronger than most Shinobi, bearing incredible physical strength. He's learned to concentrate Chakra into his attacks, giving him a lot of strength. A. Lot.
    • Elemental Affinity: He has great skill in both Wind and Water elements, earning him the nickname "Hurricane." Yoshi likes that nickname.
    • Incredibly Fast Hands: As the name describes, he has very fast hands, used to perform the insane amount of hand signs needed in his jutsus.

    Is deceased.
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