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    Name/Rank: Hana, Genin
    Classification: D-Class
    Birthdate: September 20th
    Age: 18
    Weight: Never polite to ask a woman her weight
    Gender: Female
    Blood type: O-
    Affiliation/Kage: Amegakure, Hazuma Kyo

    Appearance: Hana is a slight girl, almost a walking shadow. Underfed and over worked, she always seems ready to fall over from exhaustion. Recently this has changed, her skin growing brighter and her movements energetic. She has recently started to wear menís clothing, mimicking her teacher Kyo to the letter, wearing a nearly identical outfit.

    Personality: Hana is a quiet young girl, shy to a fault. She is obedient and loyal, both traits that have hurt her in the past on the cold streets of Amegakure.

    Bloodline: None

    Notable Jutsu: She currently is studying to learn jutsu, having learned most of the basic techniques.

    Ninjutsu: Hana has the potential of being average in Ninjutsu

    Taijutsu: Hana has the potential of being average in Taijutsu

    Genjutsu: Hana has little potential with Genjutsu, which seems for the best as her teacher is only slightly better.

    Special Abilities

    Weapon Skills: Hana is quite adept at several weapons: Bo, Knife, and Hand to Hand being her favored weapon styles.
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