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    The House of the Rising Sun

    Set against the idyllic backdrop of the Emerald Sea, the House sits comfortably on a headland on the eastern coast, a low, elegant construction with a rather large array of gardens and a white, curving wall around it, sweeping gracefully from cliff edge to cliff edge, except for the middle, where the wall rises up into an arch, enclosing a handsome, wrought iron gate with various sunburst patterns.

    Through the gate is a shady path of white gravel, which subtly snakes its way through the grounds until it reaches the House, a duo of low, single story buildings draped elegantly around a tall tower, open at the top, with water tanks clearly visible.

    The front door of the main building is large and oaken, with a large brass sun in the center, with a brass knocker, inviting you to enter, and meet the inhabitant of the House, the woman known as the Oracle of the Dawn.

    The far end of the hall has a large wood carving of a rising sun, mirroring the intricately detailed mosaic on the floor, with two doors, one on either side. On the right is a full dining table, with 10 chairs stacked against the wall, and on the left is a glass case, inside of which is a large metal golem, about 3 meters tall, made out of some strange sky blue metal, adorned with emblems of a bright sunburst on its chest, back and shoulders, painted on in brilliant gold. Various other displays and tasteful works of art adorn the various corners of the room.
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