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this is even more deadly to people who travel physically to the astaral plane than those with acces to astaral projection, with kind of defeats the point cause 17th level charachters can pone this in no time
Well, possibly. If it manages to make a successful grapple, which at an attack of 39 it should challenge even to a 17th level character, it can swallow them and make them disapear. All it requires is that one grapple to.

However, when I made this I was under the assumption that any creature who not native to the Astral Plane was connected by their silver cord. Upon looking more closely it does appear that only those under the affect of that one power have silver cords.

Seems kind of odd then that githyanki have special swords to chop these threads when the only way you are there to begin with is through a power only near-epic creatures can cast.

Makes me wonder if I shouldn't change these things so that they can swallow normal visiters, otherwise they would be half starved most of their life.