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    Default Re: [Creature] The Rooster Crowed At Midnight

    If I had to guess I would say this is something you either dashed off REALLY quick or have had sitting around a while?

    The underlying design is up to your usual standards (although it is hardly your most detailed design), but isn't the usual format "2 Flurries +10 melee (1d4-2)" not "Flurry x2 +10 melee (1d4-2)"?

    Also, I would personally have marked this (3.0) somewhere if you are going to be using Weapon Finesse to be specific to the weapon type, but that I could see either way...

    I could MAYBE see arguments for Neutral Evil, for similar reason to why skeletons and zombies get that, but since it is a thinking creature, if only on an animal level, I will trust your judgment.
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