Ementha stands at the fork with one hand in her frizzy black hair looking back and forth between the two paths. She is a young woman, probably not even beyond her teens, and is short and very thin. She wears a simple black ankle length skirt and a white shirt with a leather jacket over top. In one hand she carries a walking stick, and on her back is a small backpack.

Ementha turns around, hearing your hails. As she turns, her angular features become visible as well as a variety of cheap dangly jewelry. She squints at the wagon (even though it is relatively close). "Oh, hello," she says taking a few steps closer to the wagon. "Not lost really. You seem to have found me, anyway. I'm just not sure which way I want to go. I'm looking for a wizard's tower that I believe is somewhere around here. You don't happen to know which way that is, do you?"