Cedric looks thoughtful for a moment; then, his eyes brighten and smile a bit at the corners. His eyes meet with Gill's' briefly; but before Gill can say anything, he quickly turns back to Ementha.

“In fact, Gill here is taking us to a wizard in Fordham! Perhaps that’s the wizard’s tower you seek?”

Cedric looks excited as he turns and starts rummaging through items behind him. After a moment, he retrieves a stringed instrument and clutches it against him briefly before plucking at a string or two.

"I hope so, I would fancy a new traveling companion. Perhaps you have a song or a story you can share with us... perhaps why you're going to see a wizard?"

Cedric turns quickly to Gill, "Gill please let her come with us. I’m sure she won’t take up much room, look how tiny she is.”

Cedric hardly waits for Gill to answer him before turning back to Ementha.

“What’s your name miss? I’m Cedric and this is my friend and boss and world-famous merchant, Gillian the Bronze. A bit tarnished but still shiny where it counts.” he says, winking dramatically.