Ementha smiles at the people on the wagon and begins ambling closer. She has an awkward gait. "Well, sure enough, I bet it could be. As for why I'm going to see him, I don't rightly know."

Her hand returns to her flyaway hair and begins futilely attempting to straighten it. "I guess it has to do with those rabbits I saw this morning. You see I read and follow the omens, and the way they were hopping and dancing around led me to think the best place for me to be today was at a mage's tower up this direction. Unfortunately the omens aren't always as forthcoming with the why as with the what." She gestures vaguely back toward the fork with her staff.

"So not much of a story, I'm afraid. Though, if you're willing to give me a lift to this wizard's tower, I suppose I could read the omens for either of you, if you'd like. Many people find that enjoyable." She looks up at the two, waiting for an answer.